Jeremy Deighan

Hi, I'm Jeremy

I help people stuck in the 9-5
gain financial and personal freedom
with professional online courses.

Recent Content

Is Blogging Dead?

Thank you for checking out The Digital Product Blog. Today we are going to talk about blogging. We've been talking about different ways you can write content and create digital products online. In this installment, we're going to look at blogging. We've talked about ebooks, and writing for others, and today, I want to focus […]

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Writing for Others

Another Writing Model Thanks for checking out The Digital Product Blog. Today we’re continuing to talk about writing, but in a different way than we discussed last time. In the last two blogs, we have talked about using your writing skills to create digital products you can sell online. Today, I want to focus on […]

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Creating Educational Content

Welcome back to The Digital Product Blog! I'm super excited because this is the 10th installment. And if you've been reading from the beginning, I want to thank you. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read along (or listen to the accompanying podcast episodes), and I hope you're enjoying the […]

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