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“Whether you’re just getting started, or want to make your online business more profitable, I’m here to help. Digital products changed my life, and I believe they can change yours, too.”


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My Story

From frustrated working dad to successful entrepreneur, my story is about learning to work smarter and achieve goals on my own terms.
Five years ago, I was making an hourly wage at a demanding job with little opportunity to grow. While I was blessed with a great family and wonderful kids, I felt unfulfilled, stymied in my efforts to support and spend time with them. Day in and day out, I was trading in the one precious resource none of us can make more of—time—just to make ends meet.

I’d heard of people making money online, and even experimented with a few ideas myself. But I could never seem to find a business model that gave back more than I put in. Then, a chance encounter with an educational video series led me to a world I’d never explored: creating passive income through online courses and digital products.

That. Changed. Everything.

Since that fateful discovery, I’ve learned how to generate passive income by putting the work in up front, creating and selling digital products. Digital products include any type of digital information that can be sold and downloaded from the internet. They include ebooks, online courses, apps, software, documents, templates, designs, photographs, and more. 

For me, things really started with online courses. I’ve created more than twenty online courses (on my own and partnering with others). Through those, I’ve taught new skills to 200,000+ students in over 200 countries. Since the beginning, I’ve made over six figures selling digital products and education online.
These days, I’m able to give my family the financial support I always wanted to provide. More importantly, I have the flexibility to give them something even greater: myself. Creating and selling digital products online has enabled a lifestyle for our family we’d once only dreamed of.

I still work hard—very hard, in fact—but now I work on things I enjoy, on my schedule, for my benefit. And when I’m not working, the revenue streams I’ve created continue to work for me. Like magic.

Learn the details of my journey on the timeline below, or on my blog.


From a young kid to a budding entrepreneur, looking back shows me that every little step taken has moved me closer to the top of the summit.


1980 - 2000s
Born in a small beach town in sunny Florida, I grew up with my siblings in a pretty carefree childhood. Most summer days were spent surfing, skating, and enjoying the outdoors.

After graduating high school, I went on to achieve an Associate of Science degree in Computer Animation. Though I only worked with animation for a short time, it's this medium that would steer me into a new direction later on in life.


In August of 2009 I went out on a date that would forever change the course of my life. I would later marry the beautiful girl I had lunch with that day and bring two amazing children into the world with her.

We now travel the country with our children, exploring new places and enjoying our time together. This freedom comes from my online business and the ability to take my work wherever I want to go.


I made my first sale of $24.43 on an online website selling t-shirts and apparel. This would be the kindling to ignite the fire of entrepreneurship for me.

After having success selling t-shirts online and then by creating online courses with various marketplaces, I left my career in audio/video to venture out on my own. I haven't looked back since!


Sales from my online courses surpassed in one month what I was making before at a steady day job; a job I had worked at for 10 years. I've continued to sustain my income since that point and the business continues to prosper.


2019 - Present
The Digital Product Show is launched and distributed across all major podcast networks, quickly becoming a top show in its own category.

As I build out my business and brand, I've become more fine-tuned in the type of online business I want to create and the type of people I want to help. My content, audience, and reach grows daily and I look forward to what the future holds.

The Digital Product Show

Want to hear how I got to where I am now? Check out the first episode of The Digital Product Show to learn how online business has changed my life for the better.
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The Digital Product Show

Personal Life

It can't be business all the time. Otherwise, what's the point of all this work?
When I’m not creating products or helping others, I love hanging at the beach and exploring the outdoors with my wife and two children. My ability to create a business online and sell digital products allows me the freedom to travel and see the country with the family.

I also love playing music (guitar, bass guitar, saxophone), surfing, camping and working out. You can even find a chronicle of my exercise journey on my Instagram account. I think that it's really important that we remember why we are creating business in the first place; to create personal and financial freedom to do more of the things that we truly love to do, whatever that means to you.

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the world of digital products.

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